Finance Services

Keeping you in control of your school’s finances and enabling you to focus resources on the areas that need them the most.

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Trust us to keep you abreast of the latest education funding. We have strong links with the Croydon schools funding team and with the DfE. Things can change quickly but we will work with you to maximise the available funding.


You can plan and spend with confidence when you have financial clarity. Maximise children's educational outcomes by making resources available at the right time.


From budget preparation to the production of year end accounts, as well as attendance at governing body meetings, advice on audit issues and assistance with deficit budgets; our service covers you from beginning to end.

Adaptable and responsive

Our team can provide support and advise when you need it, from light touch, ad hoc advice to intensive support. We tailor our service to suit your requirements.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you’re fully in control of your finances lets you focus on teaching and learning.

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What people say about us

L Hewit, Finance Manager
Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School

"Working with Octavo’s Finance Service has been a great learning curve for me; not only has my confidence increased but I’ve found a new passion for accounts again. Our Consultant doesn’t talk down to me in any way, which is what I’ve found in the past with consultants. He has a very open approach and is happy for me to contact him at any time!"

Susan Papas, Executive Headteacher
Federation of Heavers Farm & Selsdon Primary Schools

"The best finance service our schools have ever had. Our consultant goes above and beyond, providing excellent advice and support. We would highly recommend this service to anyone."

Terry Cefai, Headteacher
Wolsey Infant and Nursery School

"I have found our Finance Consultant to be meticulous and thorough taking the time to not only ensure accuracy but to ensure the school staff members that he works with have a clear understanding of the current position."